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Afstyla “On The Ground” Social Campaign


AFSTYLA is a therapy for hemophilia A, a rare disease, providing twice weekly dosing and trusted bleed protection. The brand features patient stories to bring these benefits to life and show how they impact real people. As an evolution of the existing content running on Facebook, the “On the Ground” videos capture content that feels more personal and organic. These quick-hitting stories resonate with others with the condition, who may be wondering: How will hemophilia impact future opportunities? How and when do I share my diagnosis? How will my future spouse feel about this?

By combining personal storytelling and brand benefit messaging, the “On the Ground” campaign drove an average click-through rate of 2.86%, beating the previous patient testimonial campaign average. Two of the videos featured here, Opportunities I Never Thought Possible and Cody Pops the Question, each resonated with audiences in particular with 39 and 15 shares, respectively.