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Lexette “Nothing to See Here” Website

This is a campaign about nothing.

Which—as the copy explains—is exactly what people with psoriasis want to see on their sheets, skin, and clothes after they apply their topical medications. New Lexette Foam is a strong topical steroid in an elegant and clean formulation. It’s not greasy or sticky, and it dries quickly—leaving nothing behind.

The campaign features minimal typography and graphics overlaying delicate fabrics like white sheets, a flax-colored linen sofa, and crisp light-hued cotton shirts – all fabrics that would easily show the grease typical of other topicals – with a confident headline: “There is Absolutely Nothing to See Here”. That’s because with Lexette Foam—there truly is nothing to see.

The website brings this new campaign to life with a homepage gif of the bedsheets rolling down to reveal their cleanliness. Patient quotes and survey data confirm their frustrations with other topicals, and strong data presented over swatches of delicate fabrics reinforces the benefits of Lexette Foam.

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