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Just one great story


When Monoferric entered the US market space for iron replacement, it entered with over 10 years of international experience and more than 16 million doses administered ex-US. was the vehicle for introducing US physicians to this tenured product. The website needed to tell the full Monoferric story and educate physicians on this great product that is trusted by health care practitioners worldwide.


The site tells a complete yet concise story that hooks in the reader with its sleek and sophisticated style. The tone of the site fits well with the overall campaign. It is bold and attention-grabbing without feeling too overbearing. The average time on a page and bounce rate can attest to that.

On average, visitors spend almost 5 minutes on each page. This shows that consumers take time with the Monoferric story and want to learn more.

The bounce-back rate is extremely low, with a rate of 25%. Monoferric has the ability to grab readers’ attention and hold it.

Just one visit to is all you need to understand what makes this IV iron replacement product a monolithic achievement for treating iron deficiency anemia.