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Kengreal Website

Kengreal is an IV antiplatelet medication used during PCI procedures to help prevent a dangerous clot from forming around the stent. It’s the only IV formulation available in a sea of orals. The major advantage of an IV formulation is that it has a fast onset and offset of action. But the Kengreal marketing team had one problem—Interventional Cardiologists (ICs) were satisfied with a “gold standard” oral that had long-since gone generic. They simply didn’t know when to use Kengreal.
Research revealed that the speed of Kengreal onset and offset especially shines when used in a variety of high-risk patient types. The Kengreal “High-Wire Act” campaign was born to communicate that single important point. It features a physician carefully traversing a blood vessel in an angiogram – the imaging test physicians use to locate the blockage. His foot steps right on the pathology—which physicians in research immediately recognized as a high risk situation.

The physician website brings to life this new campaign—the home page loads with a video of the physician walking along the blood vessel. A pharmacology video shows how Kengreal inhibits clot formation in vivo, and information on what constitutes high risk cases and where to use Kengreal is also featured. Since the campaign launch, sales have increased 64%, and 2019 ended with an all-time high monthly demand.

Physician website