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Allergan DARPin® Molecule Interactive Booth Presence

The Background: DARPin Molecules are an exciting new technology being investigated by Allergan Ophthalmology. One key unmet need in this area is the need for therapeutics to last longer in the body so treatments can be spaced out over longer intervals. DARPin Molecules have 3 innovative properties (with an emphasis on strong binding affinity) that make them ideal for extending the duration of therapeutic agents.

The Booth: The main draw to this market conditioning booth at the 2019 American Society of Retina Specialists conference was a hands-on tabletop activity with 3D-printed, magnetic DARPin Molecules which allowed visitors to physically interact with this new drug delivery technology.

The Big Idea: The molecule and its biologic target were magnetized so that when visitors “played” with them, the remarkable power and strength of the binding of this new protein were demonstrated. The physical PEG attachment explained how the molecules can be customized to effect certain properties, and the monoclonal antibodies that ophthalmologists are accustomed to using put the scale of this new technology into perspective (smaller is better for binding!).

We drew visitors to the booth with a DARPin magnet. We also engaged them with a highly scientific mechanism of disease animation that further educated the audience on the key properties. And an oversized tank full of floating DARPin molecules added some gorgeous eye candy to an already engaging booth experience.

Convention Booth

Tabletop Activity