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Nothing Makes Me Happier Campaign



The Challenge. HAEGARDA is the only subcutaneous C1-INH preventive therapy for a rare, genetic disease called hereditary angioedema (HAE). Those who live with HAE are informed, engaged, and well-versed in the therapies on the market and the benefits offered. However, it can be difficult to diagnose. Even after a diagnosis, many patients and HCPs struggle to find a therapy solution that can provide the efficacy patients can put their confidence in—results they can rely on to minimize the anxiety that another attack will happen at any moment.

The Solution. We created a campaign that brought efficacy to the forefront in both a compassionate and data driven way. By highlighting the number of calendar days one could go without an attack and illustrating how time could be reimagined, we showed what strong efficacy could provide. By pairing copy that reinforces the patient’s worth and highlighting the possibilities with images of everyday enjoyment, we show patients that life with HAE doesn’t need to be a life burdened by HAE.

The Results. The creative allows patients to see what it’s like to track the days in a way not related to their HAE—demonstrating the impact the right therapy can have.