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Ingrezza Spotlight Campaign

You finally have your mental health under control, but now your body movements aren’t. That’s the reality for 600,000 Americans living with tardive dyskinesia (TD).

The Spotlight campaign sheds light on this disease, literally, by tapping into patients’ vulnerability with a beam of light that illuminates areas of uncontrollable body movement. The focused light serves as a unique metaphor for how people feel when they have these uncontrolled movements in their hands, face or body.  Ingrezza helps reduce those movements and shift the focus back on the whole person. For maximum visibility, the campaign shines a far-reaching light by way of a national TV spot, refreshed website, social media posts, online videos, and targeted emails—and is reinforced at point of care with a print ad, patient brochures, interactive wallboards, and a patient starter kit.  

The Spotlight campaign launched May, 17 and is already driving patients to consumer website and high value actions on the site to learn more about TD and INGREZZA: traffic is up 113% from prior year; video views and other high value website activity completions and content engagement is up ~5X versus baseline; and Doctor Discussion Guide engagement and Find a Specialist tool activity has driven an overall 13x year-over-year increase in lower funnel onsite actions.