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True Self

Remember how it felt to be a kid? You were a free spirit in an able body. And little could stop you from acting out your true passions. But as an adult, joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or psoriatic arthritis (PsA) can change all that. You may no longer be able to cook your favorite meal. Hop on a bike. Play Foozball like you really mean it. Or do those very things that make you feel like your true self.

Enter the ENBREL “True Self” TV campaign.

By helping relieve joint pain from RA or PsA, ENBREL can help you get back to the activities that define you and your true self. Whether it’s professional golf—as is the case with longtime spokesperson, Phil Mickelson—or amateur karaoke night, as one of our main TV broadcast characters showed.

How did we bring this intriguing product story to life? By creating five TV spots and casting adults and children that look like their counterparts. We added vintage film filters and retro sets to clearly delineate the unbridled past from the fearful present. And we wrapped it all up with the music of 90’s Supergrass hit, Alright.

Broadcast Commercials