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Creating an experiential campaign out of thin air

While exhibiting its Immunoglobulin (Ig) product franchise at the European Society for Immunodeficiencies 2019 conference in Brussels, Belgium, CLS Behring needed to convince attendees beelining to popular speaker sessions to stop by their booth. So we conjured up a little magic, seemingly out of thin air. Mesmerized by the unique creations, attendees often stood staring before joining many others in the buzzing booth.

Bringing their brand hallmarks to the forefront, the morphing holograms illustrated how seamless the Ig franchise works for physicians and their patients. Whether they prefer IV or self-administered Ig therapy, only CSL Behring has a franchise that offers the continuum of both. The holograms helped convey the seamless transition patients experience when switching from one CSL Behring Ig product to another.

Hologram fans: booth rendering

Hologram branded product videos

As the focal point of CSL Behring’s experiential booth, brand holograms morphed from one to another, driving attendees to the booth—while reminding them of the seamless transition patients make when switching from one CSL Behring product to another.

Hologram fans: live booth photos