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DAVID QUINN Coach of the New York Rangers: an IDELVION On-Demand Testimonial

David Quinn was at the peak of his college hockey career, deciding between an opportunity at the Olympics versus going pro, when everything changed. He was diagnosed with hemophilia B. A story of resilience, David credits hemophilia B with finding his coaching passion. Now, as head coach of the New York Rangers, David trusts IDELVION for powerful on-demand bleed resolution.
IDELVION is the leader in prophylaxis treatment of hemophilia B. However, those with mild or moderate hemophilia B, like David Quinn, often treat on-demand after a bleed occurs. David’s testimonial campaign was the first for IDELVION specifically showcasing on-demand efficacy.
The social media aspect of the campaign reflects David’s active lifestyle, with the Rangers and beyond. IDELVION efficacy and David’s endorsement drive clicks from facebook through to the IDELVION website where on-demand data reinforces his emotional story.


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