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Botox “Bad Enough” Campaign

Women with Chronic Migraine often underestimate the severity of their disease and are reluctant to try a treatment that requires many needles. This campaign breaks down both barriers with one provocative credo: “I’m bad enough for BOTOX®”. The meaning is twofold: reinforcing to patients that their migraines are bad enough—15 or more a month—for a serious treatment like BOTOX®—31 injections. And that, because they power through Chronic Migraine, these women are seriously bad in the best way—and much stronger than they realize.

We channeled our “Bad Enough” message as a broadcast TV spot depicting gritty vignettes of badass women—a mom, chef, teacher, just to name a few—living their badass lives with fewer headaches and migraines. The campaign empowered and educated all at the same time, while setting the tone and theme for a full spectrum of new BOTOX® integrated material.