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Factor Feud Patient Symposium

The National Hemophilia Foundation’s Annual Meeting is a patient-focused event with several days of activities. Every organization there is trying to build relationships with patients and caregivers, competing for their time and attention. Providing a high-energy and engaging symposium is the key to communicating educational and brand content.

In this spirit, we created Factor Feud, highlighting the factor-based therapies offered by CSL Behring. This interactive game show was hosted by brand advocates, creating an exciting experience that pulled in audience members to participate. Questions were asked around an array of topics, from southern California (the location of the meeting) to hemophilia statistics. Answers were highlighted and reinforced on the big board as teams of patients and caregivers competed and cheers erupted throughout the room, creating a high-energy, impactful, patient engagement.

Interactive Symposium

Symposium Video

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