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LATUDA Real Expressions IVA:
Painting the full patient picture for HCPs

LATUDA is the market leader with a deep understanding of patients—namely, that real patients use creative outlets to work through the lows of bipolar depression.

To connect HCPs more closely to patients, we needed them to see and feel how bipolar depression
impacts their patients’ lives. That’s why the Real Expressions IVA uses a sketchbook “framework” with hand-drawn artwork and expressive words to weave real-life patient stories into every sales opportunity.

We deliver the data we know HCPs value, but let real patients tell us what LATUDA efficacy means to them. All to paint a more authentic picture of what improvements in functioning and quality of life mean to patients, every day.

Including hand-drawn patient art on the homepage grounds the detail in the authentic patient voice, while highlighting how real patients use creative outlets to cope with the symptoms of bipolar depression keeps it top of mind for audiences.

Patient testimonials help HCPs see how bipolar depression impacts patients and treatment with LATUDA helps.

Enlarged charts and easy-to-read copy ensure an effective remote detail.

Patient profiles put a face to symptoms, while sketches make disease impact personal.