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Jornay PM “Rising Star” Campaign

Current medications for ADHD are dosed in the morning and can take about 90 minutes to kick in. So for patients and their families, the morning struggle can be a real burden. Think about it—if a dose is taken at 6am, symptoms aren’t yet controlled until at least 7:30. And a lot needs to happen in that time—getting everyone in the house up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed, homework and lunch packed—it’s no wonder mornings are reported as the most difficult time of day.

Enter Jornay PM, an entirely new way to dose an ADHD medication—at night. Patients take a dose before bed, and because of the delayed release, medication doesn’t start working till the patient wakes up in the morning. The “Rising Star” campaign capitalizes on this simple but extraordinarily important differentiator. It features a starry night sky background (representing the evening dosing) in silhouettes of patients “shining” during the daytime. In print materials, a subtle luster effect was applied to the night sky, bringing even more attention to the nighttime aspect of this important brand.