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Botox “Bad Enough” Website

Patients with Chronic Migraine often underestimate the severity of their disease and are reluctant to try a treatment that requires 31 injections. This campaign broke down both barriers with a one provocative credo: I’m Bad Enough for BOTOX®. The meaning was twofold: reinforcing to patients that their migraines are bad enough—15 or more a month—for a serious treatment like BOTOX®—31 injections. And that, if they’re living with Chronic Migraine, they’re already stronger than they realize.

Customized for our digital platform, multiple segments of our broadcast TV spot interchange on BOTOX® for Chronic Migraine homepage, while empowering imagery and in-your-face copy carry our “Bad enough” tone and theme throughout the rest of the site. Multiple engagement points and a revamped BOTOX® Specialist finder encourage women to get tough on Chronic Migraine by giving it the treatment it deserves.